Dear Friends,

the PENTAXIANS MONO is a project, I carried with me since a long time. After putting the idea online, the response from the community was overwhelming and I decided to make it happen. Thanks to you incredible photographers this book came alive. 500 pages with the finest monochrome photography our community has to offer. It became a manifest for the love of black and white photography. A big thank you to all who contributed and the ones that support the project by purchasing this book.



Download the electronic version of PENTAXIANS MONO

The electronic version (.pdf 124 MB) of the book contains all images in reduced resolution to avoid illegal usage and copyright violations. This book may not be copied or distributed in any way nor uploaded to any other location than this website.

Prints may only be made for private use exclusively.


PENTAXIANS MONO contributors

Arsen Alaberdov • Roderick C. Alalay • Giuseppe Alizzi • Sugata Banerji • Colin Barr • Nils Bernhard • Brayden Bise • Dario Bonazza • Duane Brankley • Matt Bulow • Al Burkun • Akshat Chand • Mourya Chintalapati • Raymond John Clack • Jason Davis • Craig Dearing • Gideon Digby • Michał Duber • Leland Dyer • Charles Edington • Richard Oude Egbrink • Henk Elshout • Huysman Emilie • Zsuzsanna Erényi • Christoph Escher • Stephen Frampton • Roman Galka • Kalmár Gergő • Ernest Godward • Daniel Gonzalez Aguilera • Younes Goussyra • Joseph Grunske • Mindaugas Grybauskas • Trefor Hazlewood-Jones • Eberhard Philipp Heck • Peter Herman • Adam Hood • Olga Huletskaya • Szőke Imre • Jerzy Jarczewski • Lee Kilpatrick • Thanos Kokkinis • Jakub Kolar • Alzbeta Kossuthova • Ferenc Kreisz • Andreas Kretschmer • Jarle I. Kvam • Miloslav Macháček • Daryl Mackey • Aaron Martinez • Simon McCreery • John O’Brien Jr. • Stephen Obermeier • Mariusz Olinkiewicz • Chris Parfeniuk • Lorena Patelli • Michael Peck • Ralf Prien • Bas Rietkerk • Mićo Samardžija • Robert Schild • Peter Schluter • Slawomir Jan Serwaczak • David Sladek • Veronica Sorley • Karsten Spinger • Damiano Stanzial • Matthias Streit • Richard Strouhal • Eddy Summers • Jo Taghipour • Michael Thiele • Ho Thanh Thu • Federico Tomasello • Philippe Tu Minh Tan • James Wafer • Magdalena Weinheimer • Eric Wethington • Shaun Whitson • Arnika Zamkowska

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